Chapter 32

(House Bill 1120)

An Act to include carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide capture companies in certain provisions regarding pipeline taxation.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of South Dakota:

Section 1. That § 10-37-1 be AMENDED:

10-37-1. Every person, copartnership, association, limited liability company, corporation, or syndicate engaged in the business of transporting or transmitting gas, gasoline, oils, carbon dioxide, or motor fuels by means of pipelines as a common carrier, whether such pipelines be owned or leased, shall be taxed as herein provided.

Section 2. That § 10-37-12 be AMENDED:

10-37-12. The Department of Revenue shall also determine and fix the value for tax purposes of any private pipeline owned and operated by any oil company or carbon dioxide capture company and extending into or through two or more counties of this state up to, but not including, any property located upon land upon which is operated any pipeline terminal or pump station. The owner of such pipeline shall, at the time provided in § 10-37-3, make a return to the Department of Revenue of the information required under subdivisions (1) to (6)(both inclusive) of said section together with a statement of the value of said pipeline in each county or each lesser taxing district in this state.

Section 3. That § 10-37-14 be AMENDED:

10-37-14. All other property of oil companies or carbon dioxide capture companies described in § 10-37-12, other than pipeline up to the line of any terminal or pumping station premises, including real estate and all buildings, facilities, or equipment thereon shall be assessed for taxation by the director of equalization in the taxing district in which the same is located.

Signed March 9, 2022

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