(SB 53)

Engineering building appropriation for South Dakota State University.

         ENTITLED, An Act to  authorize the Board of Regents to construct a new engineering class/lab building for South Dakota State University and to make an appropriation therefor.


     Section  1.  The Board of Regents may contract for the construction, completion, furnishing, equipping, and maintaining of, including heating, air conditioning, plumbing, water, sewer, electric facilities, architectural and engineering services, asbestos abatement, removal of existing roofing and structures, and such other services and improvements as may be required to erect, a new engineering class/lab building to support research, extension, education, and public service activities on the campus of South Dakota University in Brookings, in Brookings County, at an estimated cost of six million five hundred thousand dollars.

     Section  2.  There is hereby appropriated from private donations and grants received by South Dakota State University , the sum of six million five hundred thousand dollars ($ 6,500,000 ), or so much thereof as may be necessary, to the Board of Regents for the purpose of constructing the facility described in section 1 of this Act.

     Section  3.  The Board of Regents may accept, transfer, and expend any funds obtained for these purposes from federal sources, gifts, contributions, or any other source, all of which shall be deemed appropriated to the project authorized by this Act.

     Section  4.  The design and construction of the facilities approved by this Act shall be under the general supervision of the Bureau of Administration as provided in §  5-14-2. The commissioner of the Bureau of Administration and the executive director of the Board of Regents shall approve vouchers and the state auditor shall draw warrants to pay expenditures authorized by this Act.

     Signed March 6, 2007