Introduced by:    Senators Welke, Bradford, Frerichs, Holien, Jones, Kirkeby, Lucas, Novstrup (Al), and Sutton and Representatives Greenfield, Cammack, Campbell, Ecklund, Erickson, Feickert, Hawley, Heinemann (Leslie), Johns, Kaiser, Kopp, Magstadt, May, Olson (Betty), Rozum, Schoenfish, Schrempp, Solum, Stevens, Tulson, and Verchio

        A LEGISLATIVE COMMEMORATION, Honoring the Kopriva family of Clark County as the 2012 Leopold Conservation Award recipient.

    WHEREAS, the Leopold Conservation Award, named for renowned conservationist Aldo Leopold, recognizes farm and ranch families who demonstrate outstanding conservation leadership on their land and in their communities; and

    WHEREAS, Jim and Karen Kopriva of Clark County make conservation a family tradition with their children Lee and Angela; and

    WHEREAS, the Korpiva's grassland, water, and wildlife habitat management techniques are a clear demonstration that responsible environmental management and successful agricultural operations can readily coexist; and

    WHEREAS, a commitment to the health of South Dakota's natural resources is exemplified by the Kopriva family as the recipient of the 2012 Leopold Conservation Award:

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT COMMEMORATED, by the Eighty-Eighth Legislature of the State of South Dakota, that Jim, Karen, Lee, and Angela Kopriva are recognized for earning the 2012 Leopold Conservation Award in South Dakota.

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