Introduced by:    Representatives Cronin, Bartling, Bolin, Carson, Conzet, Craig, Erickson, Feickert, Feinstein, Gibson, Greenfield, Hansen, Hawks, Hawley, Heinert, Hickey, Hoffman, Hunhoff (Bernie), Johns, Kaiser, Killer, Kirschman, Kopp, Lust, Magstadt, Mickelson, Miller, Munsterman, Nelson, Novstrup (David), Parsley, Peterson, Qualm, Rasmussen, Ring, Romkema, Rounds, Rozum, Schaefer, Schoenfish, Schrempp, Sly, Soli, Solum, Stalzer, Steele, Stevens, Tyler, Verchio, Wick, and Wismer and Senators Brown, Buhl, Frerichs, Kirkeby, Peters, Rave, and Sutton

        A LEGISLATIVE COMMEMORATION, Recognizing and honoring the South Dakota Arthritis Foundation for its efforts to raise awareness and work towards the prevention and cure of arthritis in children and adults.

    WHEREAS, fifty million adults in America and three hundred thousand children in America have been diagnosed with arthritis, and arthritis related conditions cost the United States economy one hundred twenty-eight billion dollars per year in medical care and indirect expenses including lost wages and productivity; and

    WHEREAS, the South Dakota Arthritis Foundation has provided education, resources, and support to South Dakota families struggling with arthritis since opening a state office in Sioux Falls in April 2012; and

    WHEREAS, the South Dakota Arthritis Foundation continues to raise public awareness of arthritis, advocate to improve the lives of people with arthritis, promote fitness programs to reduce pain, and provide funding to research and find a cure for arthritis:

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT COMMEMORATED, by the Eighty-Eighth Legislature of the State of South Dakota, that the South Dakota Arthritis Foundation be honored for working towards the prevention, control, and cure of arthritis.

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