Introduced by:    Senators Begalka, Bradford, Buhl, Ewing, Frerichs, Heineman (Phyllis), Holien, Hunhoff (Jean), Jensen, Jones, Kirkeby, Lederman, Lucas, Monroe, Novstrup (Al), Omdahl, Otten (Ernie), Peters, Rampelberg, Rave, Rhoden, Soholt, Sutton, Tidemann, Tieszen, Van Gerpen, Vehle, Welke, and White and Representatives Peterson, Bartling, Conzet, Cronin, Feickert, Feinstein, Gibson, Haggar (Jenna), Hansen, Hawks, Hawley, Heinemann (Leslie), Heinert, Hunhoff (Bernie), Killer, Kirschman, Lust, Magstadt, Munsterman, Nelson, Parsley, Ring, Rozum, Schoenfish, Schrempp, Sly, Soli, Stalzer, Steele, Tyler, Wick, and Wismer

        A LEGISLATIVE COMMEMORATION, Acknowledging the Deubrook Area High School Football Team for winning the 2012 State 9AA Football Championship.

    WHEREAS, the Deubrook Dolphins Football Team, with a 12-0 record, won the 2012 State 9AA Football Championship under the dedicated leadership of head coach Adolph Shepardson and assistant coaches Mick Thompson, Dave Moberg, Tim Cariveau, Chris Quail, and Bruce Johnson; and

    WHEREAS, the Deubrook Area High School Football Team was held together by extraordinary unity and team spirit throughout the championship season by all of the players including Jacob Berndt, Ben Blees, Tyler Jensen, Riley Hanson, Jordan Wright, Michael Westberg, Taylor Olsen, Dustin Trooien, Dalton Kruse, Trent Johnson, Josh Kruse, Derek Kjenstad, Cory Byers, Ryan Knuston, Lukas Koch, Kevin Thibodeau, Jayden Rennich, CJ Kor, Mason Bandemer, Evan Sheffield, Kay Glatzer, Travis Thompson, Dallas Murphy, John Schultze, Brandon James, Trenten Kor, Hunter Wilts, Brandon Berndt, Colton Hanson, Quinn Petersen, Nathan Vostad, Dylan Vierhuf, Clayton Dahl, Coy Skroch, and Michael Goens; and

    WHEREAS, all of the students, coaches, faculty, and the great communities of Astoria, Toronto, and White demonstrated outstanding support and sportsmanship during the quest to achieve the 2012 State 9AA Football Championship:

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT COMMEMORATED, by the Eighty-Eighth Legislature of the State of South Dakota, that the Deubrook Area High School Football Team and its coaching staff be congratulated and commended for their outstanding performances in the 2012 season.