South Dakota Legislature

Senate Commemoration 823

Introduced by: Senators Heinert, Nesiba, and V. J. Smith and Representatives Bordeaux, Perry, and Pourier

A LEGISLATIVE COMMEMORATION, Honoring Onion Ring, a world-class bucking horse, for earning the 2021 World Champion saddle bronc title and for his high caliber performance on the national stage.

WHEREAS, in 2010, the world-class bucking horse known as Onion Ring was born to the elite breeding program of Korkow Rodeos in South Dakota. Established by Erv Korkow and now run by Jim and TJ Korkow, the success of Korkow Rodeos has only grown. Since 1959, Korkow Rodeos' stock has been selected to buck at every Nationals Final Rodeo (NFR). Onion Ring's bloodline contains three past NFR qualifying bucking horses. His dad Junior and mom Chester both qualified twice. Onion Ring's grandmother, Vidalia, qualified for the NFR twelve times and was a three-time winner of the Saddle Bronc Horse of the Year in the Badlands Circuit; and

WHEREAS, the world-class bucking horse did not start in saddle bronc. Onion Ring first began his reign in bareback riding but later transitioned to saddle bronc. He is one of the few horses selected for multiple trips to the NFR in bareback riding and saddle bronc; and

WHEREAS, the twelve-year-old bucking horse proves unstoppable in the arena. Onion Ring has taken many saddle bronc riders to the winner's circle, including Kenneth Thompson and Cole Elshere; and

WHEREAS, Onion Ring's talents brought him to the Wrangler Nationals Final Rodeo four times and the Badlands Circuit Finals Rodeo five times. His reputation precedes him as many riders have either been bucked or averaged over 80 points while riding him; and

WHEREAS, Onion Ring was selected for six Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association standalone bronc riding events, and he won first at five of them; and

WHEREAS, Onion Ring has proven himself as one of the premier bucking horses in the nation, winning the Badlands Bareback Horse of the Year in 2019 after being nominated twice before. Onion Ring's owners still expect great things from him as he enters his prime; and

WHEREAS, those who know Onion Ring describe him as a gentle giant, fearless in the arena but docile when interacting with others. Unlike other bucking horses, almost anyone can approach Onion Ring. Riders from across the nation have commented on Onion Ring's demeanor in the chute. He gives riders a chance to be in their preferred position before the gate opens. But after that gate opens, Onion Ring rises to the occasion and gives them the ride of their life. Horses like Onion Ring prove that the true spirit of rodeo is alive and well:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT COMMEMORATED, by the Ninety-Seventh Legislature of the State of South Dakota, that Onion Ring is the winner of the 2021 saddle bronc title and continues the storied legacy of Korkow Rodeos in the great state of South Dakota.