22.958.13 97th Legislative Session 838

2022 South Dakota Legislature

Senate Commemoration 818

Introduced by: Senator Heinert

A LEGISLATIVE COMMEMORATION, Recognizing and honoring the legacy of Tom Brady, one of football's greatest quarterbacks of all time, upon his retirement from the National Football League.

WHEREAS, born in San Matteo, California in 1977, Tom Brady showed an early inclination toward a love of football. At the young age of four, Brady witnessed Joe Montana of the San Francisco 49ers throw the winning touchdown, which would quickly become known as "The Catch," to Dwight Clark to beat the Dallas Cowboys in the 1981 NFC Championship. Brady would later refer to Joe Montana as a major inspiration, going so far as to call him his idol; and

WHEREAS, Tom Brady showed immense tenacity toward his goals of being a successful quarterback. Initially, Brady was not good enough to start on his high school's JV football team with a 0-8 losing record that hadn't scored a touchdown all year. Through dedication and perseverance, Brady managed to make the team, quickly drawing attention from recruiting agents in his senior year and winning All State and All Far West honors alongside his team's MVP Award; and

WHEREAS, Tom Brady would once again prove his determination during his college football career. Through setbacks and limitations, Brady persevered, meeting with Michigan's assistant athletic director Greg Hardon weekly to work on skill formation and performance. His hard work paid off when, in his junior year, Brady broke multiple University of Michigan records, including most pass attempts and completions in a season; and

WHEREAS, despite Tom Brady's success at Michigan, he was a lightly regarded prospect coming out of college and was only chosen in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL draft by the New England Patriots, once again setting Brady up to defy expectations set for him, only this time he would shatter them; and

WHEREAS, by his retirement, Tom Brady would go on to become the most statistically successful, winningest quarterback in NFL history. Brady obliterated records set by other prominent quarterbacks. Holding a total of 278 wins, Brady is the only quarterback to win 200 regular season games, and his 35 post-season victories are more than double the next highest-ranking quarterback's. Brady is the only NFL quarterback to win all 16 games in a regular season, is one of only four others who have defeated all 32 NFL teams, has the most Pro Bowl selections of NFL history, and his selection as the NFL's MVP in 2010 is the only time the selection committee has voted unanimously on a player. Furthermore, Brady's seven Super Bowl titles put him at the top of the pack, winning more Super Bowls than any other individual player AND more than any NFL franchise. Having played in ten Super Bowls, Brady has been in more Super Bowls than every NFL franchise other than the Patriots. Brady is also one of only two players to have won a Super Bowl title for multiple franchises with six titles won for the New England Patriots and one for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers; and

WHEREAS, Tom Brady's feats of athleticism don't just put him at the top of the NFL, but also propel him to the upper echelons of the greatest players of all sports. With similar statistics as emblematic icons like Wayne Gretsky, Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth, and Michael Jordan, Tom Brady will go down in the annals of American sports as one of the giants that walked amongst us; and

WHEREAS, Tom Brady represents so many of the values of every day South Dakotans such as hard work, perseverance, and a strong, competitive spirit:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT COMMEMORATED, by the Ninety-Seventh Legislature of the State of South Dakota, Tom Brady's multitude of broken records, his seven Super Bowl titles, and his ascendency to the position of the greatest quarterback the NFL has seen in its long and storied history.

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