22.946.9 97th Legislative Session 924

2022 South Dakota Legislature

Senate Commemoration 814

Introduced by: Senator Foster

A LEGISLATIVE COMMEMORATION, recognizing Norma Rendon, Waciampi Win, for her life of honor, service, and leadership.

WHEREAS, Norma Rendon grew up in the Oglala Sioux tribe with her grandparents Wallace and Millie Little, who taught her the importance of her language, her culture, her faith, and her traditions, and instilled in her a dedication to family and spirituality; and

WHEREAS, while attending the University of Colorado, Norma Rendon became an advocate for indigenous people and led organizational efforts that resulted in the renaming of Nichols Hall to Cheyenne Arapaho Hall; and

WHEREAS, Norma Rendon served as a bilingual director at the Porcupine School, spending many wonderful days talking and singing with the students in Lakota and teaching them the importance of service-to-community; as a drug and alcohol counselor for Anpetu Luta Otipi; as the director of victim services for the Oglala Sioux Tribe; as a shelter coordinator at Cangleska; and after obtaining a governmental grant, opened another domestic violence shelter in Kyle; and

WHEREAS, having helped countless community members overcome their personal challenges and life obstacles, Norma Rendon was awarded the Winyan Wasaka (Strong Woman) Society Award, and having developed a profound understanding of domestic violence issues, was appointed as the director of South Dakota’s Coalition to End Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault; and

WHEREAS, Norma Rendon established a women's shelter in Rapid City, called Winyan Wicanyuonihan Oyanke--Where All Women Are Honored, to provide assistance and resources to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, sex trafficking, and elder abuse, and to the LGBTQIA+ community; and

WHEREAS, Norma Rendon's commitment to fighting for others continued with her efforts to advocate for more law enforcement training and to assist in writing the Oglala Sioux Tribe's Sex Trafficking Code, which was among the first in the nation; and

WHEREAS, Norma Rendon was chosen to be a legacy leader in the Spirit Aligned Leadership Program because of her ability to elevate lives, lift voices, and provide resources, knowledge, healing, strength, and balance for indigenous communities; and because of her efforts to ensure that the younger indigenous women learn about giving back to their communities and their responsibilities in living Wolakota—the Lakota people's sacred way of life; and

WHEREAS, Norma Rendon, as a daughter, sister, tunwin--aunt, Ina—mother of seven, unci—grandmother of twenty-two, and unci som––great grandmother of five, serves as a shining example of how to be a good relative to those within her immediate family, how to love and provide help to those in her extended communal family, and how to encourage and empower future generations and imbue them with the spirituality and culture awareness necessary to promote Native American values:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT COMMEMORATED, by the Ninety-Seventh Legislature of the State of South Dakota, that Norma Rendon has led a life of honor and service, valiantly standing up for her rights and those of her people and exemplifying true leadership in ways that positively impact the lives of so many people and will continue to do so for generations yet to come.

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