22.594.11 97th Legislative Session 145

2022 South Dakota Legislature

Senate Bill 115


Introduced by: Senator Kolbeck

An Act to make an appropriation for quiet zone railway crossings and to declare an emergency.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of South Dakota:

Section 1. There is hereby appropriated from the general fund the sum of $1 to the Department of Transportation, for the purpose of providing grants to first class municipalities as defined in § 9-2-1 for installing quiet zones at railway crossings within South Dakota.

Section 2. For the appropriation provided in section 1 of this Act, the Department of Transportation shall require the grantee to identify matching moneys on a one to one basis for any grant awarded pursuant to this Act.

Section 3. The secretary of the Department of Transportation shall approve vouchers and the state auditor shall draw warrants to pay expenditures authorized by this Act.

Section 4. Any amounts appropriated in this Act not lawfully expended or obligated by June 30, 2026, shall revert in accordance with the procedures prescribed in chapter 4-8.

Section 5. Whereas, this Act is necessary for the support of the state government and its existing public institutions, an emergency is hereby declared to exist, and this Act shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage and approval.

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