22.355.12 97th Legislative Session 907

2022 South Dakota Legislature

Senate Bill 76

Introduced by: Senator Wheeler

An Act to revise certain provisions regarding the minimum amount of a lottery prize that is subject to setoff.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of South Dakota:

Section 1. That § 42-7A-52 be AMENDED:

42-7A-52. The executive director shall match the information submitted by the an agency under § 42-7A-51 with persons who are entitled to a lottery prize payment in an amount in excess of oneexceeding five hundred ninety-nine dollars. If there is a match, the executive director shall set off the amount of the debt from the prize due and notify the person of the person's right to appeal to the appropriate court or to request a review by the agency pursuant to agency rule. The person shall make a request or appeal within thirty days after the setoff. If the setoff accounts for only a portion of the prize due, the remainder of the prize shall be paid to the person. The executive director shall promptly transfer the setoff amount to the agency.

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