22.171.12 97th Legislative Session 642

2022 South Dakota Legislature

Senate Bill 12

Introduced by: Senators V. J. Smith, Breitling, Duhamel, Rohl, and Stalzer and Representatives Willadsen, Bartels, Chaffee, Derby, Deutsch, Duba, Finck, Fitzgerald, Goodwin, Milstead, Ernie Otten, Perry, Rehfeldt, and Wiese at the request of the Marijuana Interim Study Committee

An Act to revise the annual report on medical cannabis by the Department of Health to the Legislature.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of South Dakota:

Section 1. That § 34-20G-94 be AMENDED:

34-20G-94. The department shall report annually to the Legislature on the number of applications for registry identification cards received,; the number of qualifying patients and designated caregivers approved,; the number of registry identification cards revoked,; the number of each type of medical cannabis establishment registered,; and the expenses incurred and revenues generated from the medical cannabis program; the number of patient cardholders by medical condition; qualifying patient demographics by age and sex; the number and specialty of the practitioners providing written certifications; the number of medical cannabis establishments by type; the number of licensing violations determined by the department; the impact of medical cannabis on public safety, public health, and behavioral health services; any other information regarding the effects of medical cannabis on the public; and any recommendations. The department may not include identifying information on a qualifying patient, designated caregiver, or practitioner in the report.

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