Introduced by:    Senator Brown and Representatives Cronin and Hoffman

        A LEGISLATIVE COMMEMORATION, Congratulating and honoring Earle and Mildred Tanner on their 74th wedding anniversary and Earle on his 100th birthday.

    WHEREAS, Earle Clayton Tanner and Mildred Louise Kammer married on August 20, 1937, in Gettysburg, South Dakota. To this union six children were born as well as twenty grandchildren, thirty-five great-grandchildren, and four great-great grandchildren. Their life together and love for each other is the epitome of marriage as they celebrated their 74th wedding anniversary and Earle's 100th birthday on August 21, 2011; and

    WHEREAS, in addition to being life-long residents of South Dakota, Earle and Mildred made contributions to South Dakota agriculture through farming, ranching, operating Earle's father's custom thrashing crew, and running a poultry business. Earle and Mildred were also both very involved in the community. Earle worked for the WPA building roads and dams in the 1930s, served on the school board, was a director for the Federal Land Bank, served as president of the Appomattox Community Club, and was a 4-H leader for the Appomattox Go-Getters. Mildred is a 63 year Lincoln Appomattox Extension Club member, American Legion Auxiliary member, was an Appomattox Go-Getter 4-H Club leader for 31 years, and helped with clothing exhibits at the Potter County fair; and

    WHEREAS, Earle and Mildred have stood by each other always. Not only have they complimented each other in marriage, but also in their hobbies. Earle, a talented woodworker, and Mildred, a talented painter, have made many special gifts ranging from wooden shelves to painted birdhouses for family and friends. This teamwork has been present in all aspects of their life together. The commitment they have to each other is present every day as they still reside on their farm, ten miles northwest of Gettysburg; and

    WHEREAS, Earle and Mildred's hard work, dedication, and unselfish contributions to family, community, and South Dakota have set a positive example for all people to follow:

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT COMMEMORATED, by the Eighty-seventh Legislature of the State of South Dakota, that Earle and Mildred Tanner be congratulated and honored for their anniversary and Earle for his birthday.