21.377.14 96th Legislative Session 426

2021 South Dakota Legislature

Senate Bill 138


An Act

ENTITLED An Act to provide flexibility for certain municipal budget provisions.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of South Dakota:

Section 1. That a NEW SECTION be added:

9-21-34. Municipal appropriation--Deadlines.

A municipality may move the deadline for introducing the annual appropriation or budget, contained in § 9-21-2 and subdivision 9-10-15(5), as applicable, to as late as the first regular meeting of the governing board in November. Each municipality that opts to move the deadlines shall, by ordinance, establish budget hearing and publication deadlines pursuant to § 9-19-7.

Section 2. That a NEW SECTION be added:

9-21-34.1. Municipal appropriation--Moved deadline--Certification.

If a municipality opts to move the budget deadlines, the provisions of § 9-21-20 do not apply. On or before October first, after notice and hearing on the requested levies, the municipal finance officer shall certify the tax levies to the county auditor in the county that the municipality is situated in the following form:

For general purposes..........

For interest and debt service fund..........

An Act to provide flexibility for certain municipal budget provisions.

I certify that the attached Act originated in the:

Senate as Bill No. 138

Secretary of the Senate

President of the Senate


Secretary of the Senate

Speaker of the House


Chief Clerk

Senate Bill No. 138

File No. ____

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Received at this Executive Office

this _____ day of _____________,

2021 at ____________M.


for the Governor

The attached Act is hereby

approved this ________ day of

______________, A.D., 2021




Office of the Secretary of State

Filed ____________, 2021

at _________ o'clock __M.

Secretary of State


Asst. Secretary of State