South Dakota Legislature

Senate Commemoration 806

Introduced by: Senators Heinert, Cammack, Foster, Nesiba, Herman Otten, Rusch, Schoenbeck, Wiik, and Zikmund and Representatives Bartels, Blare, Duba, Finck, Gosch, Hoffman, Keintz, Lesmeister, May, Perry, Jamie Smith, and Stevens

A LEGISLATIVE COMMEMORATION, Honoring and commending the Days of '76 Rodeo for its continued excellence and recognition for winning 2020 PRCA Large Outdoor Rodeo of the Year.

WHEREAS, the Days of '76 celebration was created in 1924 to honor the first pioneers who arrived in Deadwood and has grown into a significant annual event known for its historic parade and award-winning PRCA rodeo. The historic grandstand in Deadwood, built in 1937, is always filled with fans looking to see hundreds of top-level athletes from around the country compete in Deadwood; and

WHEREAS, the Days of '76 Parade is known nationwide for its mile-long route that boasts over thirty carriages and one hundred fifty horses. The Days of '76 Parade has shown a high level of commitment to preserving and retelling the history of South Dakota; and

WHEREAS, prior to moving to the Large Outdoor Rodeo category in 2018, the Days of '76 Rodeo was awarded Small Rodeo of the Year awards four times and consecutively won Medium Rodeo of the Year honors by the PRCA from 2004 to 2017, along with thirteen Badlands Circuit Rodeo of the Year awards. The Days of '76 Rodeo made history by becoming the first PRCA to win Small, Medium, and Large Outdoor Rodeo of the Year awards while also being inducted into the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame. The excellence of the Days of '76 Rodeo continues to be shown by winning its nineteenth Rodeo of the Year award:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT COMMEMORATED, by the Ninety-Sixth Legislature of the State of South Dakota, that the Days of '76 Rodeo be honored and commended for its continued excellence and dedication to rodeo and for highlighting South Dakota's unique culture.