South Dakota Legislature

Senate Commemoration 805

Introduced by: Senators Heinert, Cammack, Foster, Nesiba, Herman Otten, Rusch, Schoenbeck, V. J. Smith, Wiik, and Zikmund and Representatives Bartels, Blare, Duba, Finck, Gosch, Hoffman, Phil Jensen, Keintz, Lesmeister, May, Perry, Jamie Smith, and Stevens

A LEGISLATIVE COMMEMORATION, Honoring and commending the Black Hills Roundup for winning the 2020 PRCA Medium Outdoor Rodeo of the Year and demonstrating a strong commitment to South Dakota's sense of community, culture, and history.

WHEREAS, The Black Hills Roundup is one of the oldest outdoor rodeos in the country, having started in 1918 as a fundraiser for World War I. At that first rodeo, fifteen thousand people gathered in the community of Belle Fourche which, at the time, only had a population of one thousand four hundred ten. The success of the first rodeo encouraged the organizers to continue the event the following year, beginning the annual tradition of the Black Hills Roundup; and

WHEREAS, The Black Hills Roundup has a tradition of success with being named the PRCA Medium Outdoor Rodeo of the Year for the third consecutive year. The Black Hills Roundup has been recognized by the PRCA as a Hall of Fame member, continuing the rodeo's tradition of success; and

WHEREAS, The success of the Black Hills Roundup is due to the hard work and dedication of its completely volunteer workforce:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT COMMEMORATED, by the Ninety-Sixth Legislature of the State of South Dakota, that the Black Hills Roundup be honored and commended for a century of continued success and for winning its third PRCA Medium Outdoor Rodeo of the Year award.