21.497.10 96th Legislative Session 0

2021 South Dakota Legislature

House Bill 1133

Introduced by: Representative Phil Jensen

An Act to reduce fees for annual state park licenses for South Dakota residents.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of South Dakota:

Section 1. That § 41-17-13 be AMENDED.

41-17-13. Park license for admission to state parks and recreation areas--Fees--Deposit.

A park license may be required to permit a motor vehicle and the occupants entrance to any state park (except Bear Butte when used by persons participating in religious activities) and to any of the following state recreation areas or state lakeside use areas: Lake Poinsett; the Yankton unit, the Midway unit, and the Gavins Point unit of Lewis and Clark Lake; Sandy Shore; Farm Island; Mina Lake; Richmond Lake; Lake Louise; Pickerel Lake; Angostura; Lake Vermillion; Shadehill; Llewellyn Johns; Burke Lake; Lake Cochrane; West Whitlock; Swan Creek; West Bend; Snake Creek; Walker's Point; Platte Creek; Lake Alvin; Pelican Lake; Bush's Landing; Little Bend; Lake Hiddenwood; East Whitlock; Sutton Bay; Dodge Draw; Lake Thompson; Indian Creek; Downstream (below Oahe Dam); North Point; American Creek; Randall Creek; Chief White Crane; Pierson Ranch; Spring/Cow Creek; Okobojo Point; Walth Bay; Spillway (Fort Randall Dam); Pease Creek; North Wheeler; Whetstone Bay; East Shore; Peoria Flats; West Shore; West Chamberlain; South Shore; Tailrace (Fort Randall Dam); Revheim Park; Springfield; Buryanek; West Pollock; Bob's Landing; Rocky Point; and Big Sioux. The Game, Fish and Parks Commission shall, by rules promulgated pursuant to chapter 1-26, set annual and daily park entrance fees. The fee for an annual park entrance license for a resident and a transferable annual park entrance license for a resident shall be twenty-five percent less than for a nonresident. The Game, Fish and Parks Commission shall, by rules promulgated pursuant to chapter 1-26, establish a system by which owners of two or more vehicles may purchase an additional license each year for each vehicle registered to the same owner for one-half the price of the annual license. All fees collected pursuant to this section shall be deposited in the parks and recreation fund established in § 41-17-21.

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