Introduced by:    Senators Gray, Adelstein, Begalka, Bradford, Brown, Buhl, Cutler, Frerichs, Fryslie, Hansen (Tom), Haverly, Heineman, Holien, Hundstad, Hunhoff (Jean), Johnston, Juhnke, Kraus, Krebs, Lederman, Maher, Nelson (Tom), Novstrup (Al), Nygaard, Olson (Russell), Peters, Putnam, Rampelberg, Rave, Rhoden, Schlekeway, Sutton, Tidemann, Tieszen, and Vehle and Representatives Wick, Abdallah, Blake, Bolin, Boomgarden, Brunner, Carson, Conzet, Cronin, Deelstra, Dennert, Dryden, Fargen, Feickert, Feinstein, Gibson, Gosch, Greenfield, Haggar, Hansen (Jon), Hawley, Hickey, Hoffman, Hubbel, Hunhoff (Bernie), Hunt, Iron Cloud III, Jensen, Jones, Killer, Kirkeby, Kirschman, Kloucek, Kopp, Liss, Lucas, Lust, Magstadt, Miller, Moser, Munsterman, Nelson (Stace), Novstrup (David), Olson (Betty), Perry, Rausch, Romkema, Rozum, Russell, Schaefer, Schrempp, Scott, Sigdestad, Sly, Solum, Steele, Street, Stricherz, Tornow, Tulson, Turbiville, Van Gerpen, Vanneman, Venner, Verchio, White, Willadsen, Wink, and Wismer

        A LEGISLATIVE COMMEMORATION, Congratulating and honoring the South Dakota National Guard, both current members and all those who have served previously, on the one hundred fiftieth anniversary of the South Dakota National Guard on January 27, 2012.

    WHEREAS, the South Dakota National Guard traces its lineage back to the days of the Dakota Cavalry, originally formed on January 27, 1862, by Territorial Governor William Jayne to protect settlements within the Dakota Territory; and

    WHEREAS, the Dakota Cavalry was reorganized by the Dakota Territory into two regiments of infantry and a battery of artillery to constitute the Dakota National Guard in 1885; and

    WHEREAS, the 2nd Regiment of the Dakota National Guard was assigned to the State of South Dakota and re-designated 1st Regiment, South Dakota National Guard (Infantry) upon South Dakota being granted statehood on November 2, 1889; and

    WHEREAS, units of the South Dakota National Guard have served with great distinction in federal active service in support of wars and conflicts such as: the Spanish-American War, the Philippine Insurrection, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, Operation Just Cause, the Persian Gulf War, operations in Kosovo, Operation Provide Comfort, Operation Northern Watch, Operation Southern Watch, Operation Noble Eagle, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation New Dawn; and

    WHEREAS, the South Dakota National Guard has provided unequaled support at the request of the Governor in response to blizzards, fires, tornados, floods and civil disturbances; and

    WHEREAS, units and members of the South Dakota National Guard have served honorably both at home in South Dakota and around the world during the past one hundred fifty years:

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT COMMEMORATED, by the Eighty-seventh Legislature of the State of South Dakota, that the Army and Air National Guard units and members of the South Dakota National Guard, both past and present, be congratulated and honored on the occasion of South Dakota National Guard's one hundred fiftieth anniversary.