21.7.15 96th Legislative Session 273

2021 South Dakota Legislature

Senate Bill 66

Introduced by: Senator Bolin

An Act to revise provisions providing for the appointment of county coroners.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of South Dakota:

Section 1. That § 12-1-1.1 be AMENDED:

12-1-1.1. Laws applicable to election of county officers.

All election laws of this state relating to nomination and election of candidates for office on political ballots shall apply to the nomination and election of a sheriff, county auditor, register of deeds, treasurer, state's attorney, and coroner and state's attorney.

Section 2. That § 7-7-1.1 be AMENDED:

7-7-1.1. County officers to be elected quadrenially--Staggered terms--Expiration of term for combined offices.

Unless otherwise provided by county charter, at primary and general elections there shall be nominated and elected in each organized county of this state county officers as follows:

(1) In 1974 and each fourth year thereafter, a sheriff, county auditor, and register of deeds;

(2) In 1976 and each fourth year thereafter, a treasurer, state's attorney, and coroner and state's attorney.

The terms of all such officers shall be four years, or until their successors have been duly elected and qualified. Nevertheless, the term of any county office, combined with another pursuant to § 7-7-1.2 or 7-7-1.3, shall expire on the first Monday of January following the ordinance authorizing the combination.

Section 3. That § 7-7-1.4 be AMENDED:

7-7-1.4. Appointment of coroner in certain counties authorized.

Notwithstanding the provisions of § 7-7-1.1, the The board of county commissioners in any county with a population of seventy‑five thousand or more may, by resolution adopted by a majority vote of the commission, appoint a coroner who shall serve at the pleasure of such the board for a term no longer than four years, subject to renewal by a majority vote of the commission for subsequent terms, each no longer than four years. However, no board of county commissioners may exercise the authority granted pursuant to this section unless:

(1) Not later than the April first preceding the election for coroner, the board, by resolution, adopts the appointment option; and

(2) The appointment of any appointed coroner may not take effect until the expiration of the term of office of any duly elected coroner.

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