Introduced by:    Senators Schlekeway and Johnston and Representatives Willadsen, Hubbel, Steele, and Wick

        A LEGISLATIVE COMMEMORATION, Congratulating the Sioux Falls Roosevelt High School Football Team and its coaches and student managers for their 2011 South Dakota State AA Championship season.

    WHEREAS, the Sioux Falls Roosevelt High School football team's 2011 season was highlighted by an eleven to one record and a state championship in a match which dethroned the former state champion Washington Warriors; and

    WHEREAS, the members of the State AA Championship team, who worked hard and displayed extraordinary teamwork all season with their high-scoring offense and strong defense, are Dylan Top, Elliot Sammons, Robby Dockry, Scott Tyler, Brett Ledeboer, Justin Warne, Shea DeJong, Josh Angulo, Chase Potas, Calvin Krause, Ramsey Christopherson, Jacari Christion, Lucas Wilber, Andrew Smith, Dylan Smith, Jasen VanWoert, Andrew Powell, Zach Tuschen, Jaron Bouwman, Patrick Musil, John Wessel, Travis Rehder, Jeff Kolhoff, Mike Otamendi, Mikal Smith, Jaren Neuheisel, Taryn Christion, Seth Bjordal, Kyle Olinger, Kirby Hora, Kory Kuhnert, Mike Anderson, Kory Lindquist, Alex Garcia, Trevor Janisch, Tyler Durfee, Justin Haffield, John Mauss, Travis Crisman, Trevor Siemonsma, Bradey Disbrow, Alex Clem, Tom Nugteren, John Kovaleski, Grant Schmidt, Corbin Ryswyk, Cole Stienblock, Wyatt Schumacher, Daquan Brooks, Eric Anderson, Josh High, Cody Weihe, Spencer Burns, Alex Hanson, Tyce Kidd, Victor Llanos, Jack Lembcke, Dylan Letcher, Ty Warkenthien, Tanner Hennings, Taylor Bren, Derek Granum, Brian Barber, Alex Matson, and Sam Bird; and

    WHEREAS, the team benefited greatly from the assistance of student managers Jeremy Baumgart, Lexi Russell, and Megan Mueller; and

    WHEREAS, coach Kim Nelson and assistant coaches Josh Siegfried, Jared Fredenburg, Mike Leach, Jason Whiting, James Stubjkaer, Dan Arjes, Jared Smith, Terry Jastram, John Schalde, Mike

Magnuson, Justin Kubesh, Robb Cunningham, and Joe Bunde conducted the team with discipline and dedication:

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT COMMEMORATED, by the Eighty-seventh Legislature of the State of South Dakota, that the Sioux Falls Roosevelt Rough Riders Football Team be honored for its outstanding achievements in 2011.