State of South Dakota  

400T0224   HOUSE BILL   NO.  1232  

Introduced by:    The Committee on State Affairs at the request of the Office of the Governor

        FOR AN ACT ENTITLED, An Act to repeal the South Dakota Commission on Health Care.
    Section 1. That § 1-7-11 be repealed.
    1-7-11. There is created the South Dakota Commission on Health Care within the Office of the Governor. The commission shall gather data to assess the health status of South Dakotans, identify priorities for health care that address financing, delivery, and programming, and develop measurable health care outcomes that describe the achievement for selected statewide initiatives. The commission shall also recommend health care policy, monitor health care environments, and address the health care needs of South Dakotans.
    Section 2. That § 1-7-12 be repealed.
    1-7-12. The commission shall be appointed by the Governor and shall consist of no more than twenty-five members. The secretary of health, the secretary of human services, the secretary of social services, and the director of the Division of Insurance shall serve as ex officio members in an advisory capacity. The additional members of the commission shall be representative of each of the following groups:
            (1)    Business/employers;
            (2)    Consumers;
            (3)    Insurers;
            (4)    Health care providers;
            (5)    Public/community health workers;
            (6)    Governor's office;
            (7)    Former legislators;
            (8)    Tribal members;
            (9)    Mental health providers; and
            (10)    Indian Health Services.
    Section 3. That § 1-7-13 be repealed.
    1-7-13. The terms of the members of the first commission shall be:
            (1)    One-third selected for one-year terms;
            (2)    One-third selected for two-year terms; and
            (3)    One-third selected for three-year terms.
    All subsequent terms shall be for three years. Members of the initial commission are eligible for reappointment. No commission member may serve more than two consecutive three-year terms on the commission. Persons appointed to the commission to fulfill the unexpired portion of a term shall serve for the unexpired portion of that term and may be reappointed for up to two full three-year terms.
    Section 4. That § 1-7-14 be repealed.
    1-7-14. The commission shall select a chair from among its members. The commission shall meet at least three times each year. However, it may meet more often at the call of the chair or upon written request of a majority of the members.
    Section 5. That § 1-7-15 be repealed.
    1-7-15. The commission shall annually report its findings and recommendations to the Governor and the Legislature by December first.