Introduced by:    Senators Putnam, Begalka, Bradford, Brown, Frerichs, Garnos, Hansen (Tom), Heineman, Holien, Hundstad, Hunhoff (Jean), Johnston, Maher, Novstrup (Al), Nygaard, Olson (Russell), Rampelberg, Schlekeway, Sutton, Tidemann, and Vehle and Representatives Kloucek, Bolin, Brunner, Cronin, Deelstra, Dennert, Dryden, Fargen, Gibson, Gosch, Greenfield, Hawley, Hubbel, Hunhoff (Bernie), Kirschman, Lucas, Magstadt, Moser, Munsterman, Rausch, Romkema, Rozum, Russell, Schaefer, Schrempp, Stricherz, Tornow, Van Gerpen, and Venner

        A LEGISLATIVE COMMEMORATION, Honoring and commemorating the town of Armour on its quasquicentennial celebration.

    WHEREAS, the town of Armour which was founded in 1886, was named after Philip D. Armour, the founder of Armour and Company, a meat packing corporation; and

    WHEREAS, contrary to popular belief, Armour was never home to a meat packing plant; the town was so named because Mr. Armour was also the chairman of the Milwaukee Railroad that went through Armour and donated a bell to the local Congregational church; and

    WHEREAS, the first train arrived in Armour on October 8, 1886, bring in twenty cars of lumber, coal, and merchandise to build a section house, depot, roundhouse, turntable, and stockyards. The railroad became the building base for the town of Armour; and

    WHEREAS, the people of Armour have demonstrated a strong community spirit over the years with their support for local programs and fundraisers, sports, and school events; and

    WHEREAS, the town of Armour will celebrate the 125th anniversary of its founding from July 1-4, 2011, with events such as the VFW breakfast, car show, poker run, bingo, arts in the park, banquet, dance, parade, BBQ, lawnmower races, and fireworks:

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT COMMEMORATED, by the Eighty-sixth Legislature of the State of South Dakota, that the town of Armour be honored and recognized on its quasquicentennial celebration.