Introduced by: Representatives Koehn, Apa, Broderick, Brooks, Brown (Jarvis), Brown (Richard), Burg, Cerny, Chicoine, Clark, Crisp, Cutler, Davis, Derby, Diedrich (Larry), Diedtrich (Elmer), Duenwald, Duniphan, Earley, Eccarius, Engbrecht, Fiegen, Fischer-Clemens, Fitzgerald, Fryslie, Garnos, Hagen, Haley, Hanson, Hennies, Hunt, Jaspers, Juhnke, Kazmerzak, Klaudt, Koetzle, Konold, Kooistra, Koskan, Lintz, Lockner, Lucas, McCoy, McIntyre, McNenny, Michels, Monroe, Munson (Donald), Nachtigal, Napoli, Patterson, Peterson, Pummel, Putnam, Richter, Roe, Sebert, Slaughter, Smidt, Solum, Sutton (Daniel), Sutton (Duane), Volesky, Waltman, Weber, Wetz, Wilson, Windhorst, Wudel, and Young and Senators Vitter, Albers, Bogue, Daugaard, Dennert, Drake, Dunn (Rebecca), Ham, Hutmacher, Kleven, Kloucek, Lange, Madden, Moore, Rounds, and Symens  

         A LEGISLATIVE COMMEMORATION,  Honoring the memory of Mr. Ted Hustead, founder of South Dakota's famous Wall Drug in 1931.

     WHEREAS,  Ted Hustead distinguished himself in serving the people of Wall and visitors from around the globe for over sixty years, but always remembered that he was originally a pharmacist and was there to serve the people of Wall or whomever needed his help; and

     WHEREAS,  Ted Hustead, who originated Wall Drug's unprecedented sign campaign, was unable to convince NASA to assist him on placing a Wall Drug sign on the moon--a dream that may someday arise; and

     WHEREAS,  Ted Hustead was first and foremost a loving father, a caring husband, and a committed community member:

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT COMMEMORATED,  by the Seventy-fourth Legislature of the State of South Dakota, that Ted Hustead be remembered for his unmatched contributions to not only South Dakota, but to visitors from around the world and that the memory of Ted Hustead live on for generations to come at Wall Drug.