On page 1, line 1, of the Introduced bill, after "establish " insert "a task force to study the"

On the Introduced bill, delete everything after the enacting clause and insert:


Section 1. That a NEW SECTION be added:

Task force—Board of Regents—Recommendations.

The Executive Board of the Legislative Research Council shall establish a task force to study the South Dakota Board of Regents. The task force shall:

(1) Examine the history of the Board of Regents;

(2) Examine the constitutional and statutory requirements and limitations pertaining to the Board of Regents;

(3) Determine whether the structure, operation, and authority of the Board of Regents is an appropriate governance model, given the challenges being faced and anticipated in the delivery and administration of higher education in the coming years; and

(4) Recommend any changes that it determines to be in the best interests of the students, the institutions, and the taxpayers of this state.

The task force shall provide its recommendations, together with any legislation required to implement the recommendations, to the Executive Board of the Legislative Research Council on or before December first, 2020.

The task force must be staffed and funded as an interim legislative committee.