1060A 95th Legislative Session 762

2020 South Dakota Legislature

House Bill 1060


Introduced by: Representative David Johnson

An Act to revise certain provisions regarding the use of the aeronautics fund.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of South Dakota:

Section 1. That § 50-4-14 be AMENDED:

50-4-14. State aeronautics fund--Uses.

The state aeronautics fund and the accumulations to the fund as appropriated by the Legislature may shall be used only for:

(1) The planning, construction, development, and maintenance of aviation facilities and public airports;

(2) The lighting, marking, and maintenance of runways, taxiways, and parking areas of public airports licensed by the commission, in proportion to the amount of the aircraft fuel tax paid on the aircraft fuel purchased for resale for use in aircraft at each public airport, as nearly as practicable, as to each airport the commission deems to be operated and maintained in accordance with the laws of this state, the rules of the commission, and the standards established by any agency of the United States, provided that the unrestricted use of the airport is at all times available to the general public for the taking off and landing of aircraft;

(3)(2) The matching of any funds made available by the United States, this state, or any of the political subdivisions of this state for the purchase of sites for airports, and for the construction, development, and maintenance of the airports planning, construction, development, and maintenance of aviation facilities and public airports, in amounts the commission may determine; and

(4)(3) The paying of salaries, office expenses, traveling, and other expenses of commission and department staff to carry out the responsibilities defined in chapter 50-2.

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