On page 1, line 1, of the Introduced bill, after "pistol " delete "by employees "

On page 2, line 8, delete " any person who is employed by the county and assigned to work in the county courthouse" and insert " a qualified law enforcement officer or a qualified retired law enforcement officer, in accordance with the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004, 18 U.S.C. § 926B-C, provided the officer is not a party to any civil or criminal matter before the court"

On page 2, line 15, delete "the " and insert "a "

On page 2, line 15, after "commission " delete "in any county "

On page 2, line 16, after "may " delete "elect to "

On page 2, lines 16 through 17, after "to" insert " any person not otherwise listed in § 22-14-24, with respect to the carrying of a firearm or other dangerous weapon in "

On page 2, line 16, delete ". A waiver by the county commission in accordance with this section supersedes subdivision 6 of § 22-14-24 governing county employees." and insert " , except that the waiver authorized by this section may not extend to a courtroom located in the courthouse."