Committee Agenda

Committee:    House State Affairs
Room:     412
Date:     Monday, February 4, 2008
Time:     10:00 AM

Individuals needing assistance, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, should contact the Legislative Research Council (605-773-3251) 48 hours before convening to make any necessary arrangements.

         HB 1107 *     revise certain provisions relating to the promulgation of rules to set various licensing and other fees for certain professions and occupations.
             The Committee on Government Operations and Audit at the request of the Interim Committee on Government Operations and Audit

         HB 1120      revise the property tax levies for the general fund of a school district.
             Representatives Rhoden and Hargens and Senators Knudson and Heidepriem

         HB 1231      increase the one-time payments made to school districts with growing enrollments.
             Representatives Wick, Ahlers, Cutler, Dennert, Faehn, Glenski, Hackl, Hills, Hunt, Jerke, Koistinen, Krebs, McLaughlin, Miles, Novstrup (Al), Novstrup (David), and Weems and Senators Gant, Abdallah, Duenwald, Greenfield, Hansen (Tom), Hauge, Maher, and Turbak Berry

         HB 1236      allow free tuition to certain members of the military.
             Representatives Gillespie, Elliott, Halverson, and Moore and Senators Heidepriem, Albers, Garnos, Peterson (Jim), Smidt (Orville), and Sutton

         HB 1245      clarify certain purposes and characteristics of water development districts, to revise the boundaries of the Central Plains, East Dakota, Vermillion Basin, James River, and South Central water development districts, and to revise provisions related to the board of directors in the affected districts.
             Representatives Hargens, Burg, Cutler, Deadrick, Dykstra, Faehn, Feinstein, Gillespie, Gilson, Hackl, Halverson, Heineman, Jerke, Juhnke, Krebs, Moore, Noem, Novstrup (Al), Olson (Russell), Peters, Pitts, Rave, Tidemann, Vanneman, and Willadsen and Senators Hansen (Tom), Albers, Bartling, Dempster, Greenfield, Heidepriem, Hoerth, Hundstad, Hunhoff, Nesselhuf, Olson (Ed), Peterson (Jim), Sutton, and Turbak Berry

         HB 1298      revise the qualifications for the director of the Division of Veterans Affairs.
             Representatives Nygaard, Miles, Moore, and Rhoden and Senators Duenwald, Heidepriem, and Olson (Ed)

         HJR 1003      To propose a constitutional amendment to repeal certain reimbursement restrictions for travel by legislators to and from a legislative session.
             Representatives Lucas, Boomgarden, Bradford, Brunner, Buckingham, Cutler, DeVries, Elliott, Faehn, Feinstein, Gassman, Glenski, Heineman, Hills, Koistinen, Miles, Nelson, Noem, Olson (Russell), Rausch, Rave, Rhoden, Rounds, Street, Turbiville, Van Etten, Van Norman, and Weems and Senators Nesselhuf, Albers, Bartling, Garnos, Hunhoff, Katus, Kloucek, Koetzle, McCracken, Olson (Ed), Peterson (Jim), and Two Bulls


         LARRY RHODEN, Chair