21.35.10 96th Legislative Session 648

2021 South Dakota Legislature

House Bill 1124

Introduced by: Representative Dennert

An Act to modify certain requirements concerning the printing of ballots.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of South Dakota:

Section 1. That § 12-16-1 be AMENDED.

12-16-1. Printed ballots to be provided--Candidates listed--Sample ballots--Submitted questions.

The county auditor shall provide printed ballots for each election in which the voters of the entire county participate. Except as provided in § 12-6-9, printed ballots for a primary election shall contain the name of each candidate who has filed for nomination and is approved. The printed ballots for the election of officers shall contain the name of each candidate whose nomination has been certified or filed with the county auditor in the manner provided by law unless the candidate is deemed elected by having no opposition. The names of the candidates shall appear on the ballot exactly as listed in the declaration of candidacy of the candidates' nominating petitions. Sample ballots shall be printed on paper of a different color from the official ballot but in the same form. The sample ballots and official ballots shall be printed no earlier than sixty days prior to a primary or general election and in the possession of the county auditor not later than forty-eight days prior to a primary or general election. The county auditor shall also prepare the necessary ballots if any question is required to be submitted to the voters of the county. Ballots for general elections shall be of the style and form prescribed in §§ 12-16-2 to 12-16-11, inclusive.

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