Committee Agenda

Committee:    House State Affairs
Room:     412
Date:     Thursday, January 31, 2008
Time:     7:45 AM

Individuals needing assistance, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, should contact the Legislative Research Council (605-773-3251) 48 hours before convening to make any necessary arrangements.

         HB 1209      allow unemployment benefits for an individual in the employ of a tribal government educational institution.
             Representatives Van Norman, Bradford, Burg, Dennert, Elliott, Engels, Feinstein, Gassman, Gillespie, Halverson, Hargens, Lucas, Miles, Nygaard, Sigdestad, Street, and Thompson and Senators Maher, Heidepriem, Koetzle, and Two Bulls

         HB 1229      increase sales and use taxes, to dedicate the additional revenue for the purpose of property tax relief, and to create the county property tax relief fund.
             Representatives Howie, Brunner, Olson (Betty), and Van Etten and Senator Schmidt (Dennis)

         HB 1237      allow local units of government to regulate the sales, distribution, marketing, promotion, and use of tobacco products.
             Representatives Cutler, Ahlers, Elliott, Feinstein, Glenski, McLaughlin, Miles, Novstrup (David), Pitts, Thompson, Van Etten, and Weems and Senators Hunhoff, Hansen (Tom), Hoerth, Jerstad, Knudson, and Nesselhuf

         HB 1247      prohibit certain contract restrictions on the sale of renewable motor fuels by retailers.
             Representatives Dykstra, Brunner, Cutler, Deadrick, Faehn, Halverson, Hargens, Krebs, Noem, Nygaard, Pitts, Putnam, Rausch, Rave, Rhoden, Street, Tidemann, and Vanneman and Senators Knudson, Albers, Dempster, Gray, Hansen (Tom), Hanson (Gary), Hauge, and Peterson (Jim)

         HB 1258      require that certain gift certificates conspicuously disclose information regarding fees and expiration dates.
             Representatives Gassman, Ahlers, Bradford, Brunner, Burg, Carson, DeVries, Elliott, Engels, Feinstein, Gosch, Halverson, Hills, Hunt, Jerke, Kirkeby, Koistinen, Lucas, Moore, Nelson, Noem, Nygaard, Olson (Betty), Olson (Ryan), Pederson (Gordon), Rausch, Rounds, Sigdestad, Steele, Thompson, and Van Etten and Senators Bartling, Abdallah, Albers, Garnos, Greenfield, Hanson (Gary), Jerstad, Katus, Maher, McCracken, McNenny, Peterson (Jim), Smidt (Orville), Sutton, and Turbak Berry


         LARRY RHODEN, Chair