Committee Agenda

Committee:    House State Affairs
Room:     412
Date:     Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Time:     10:00 AM

Individuals needing assistance, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, should contact the Legislative Research Council (605-773-3251) 48 hours before convening to make any necessary arrangements.

         HB 1261      regulate the right to carry a firearm on the campuses of public institutions of higher education.
             Representatives Brunner, Cutler, Howie, Jerke, Kirkeby, Koistinen, Noem, Olson (Betty), Rhoden, Steele, and Van Etten and Senators Schmidt (Dennis), Apa, Greenfield, Kloucek, Maher, McNenny, and Napoli

         HB 1086      extend to postsecondary campuses certain protections relating to the possession of dangerous weapons.
             The Committee on Education at the request of the Board of Regents

         HB 1175      provide partial reimbursement to legislators for constituent services.
             Representatives Brunner, Hackl, Halverson, Noem, Pitts, Putnam, Tidemann, and Weems and Senators Lintz, Bartling, Gant, Hundstad, Hunhoff, McNenny, and Smidt (Orville)

         HB 1205      make annual salary increases for legislators consistent with annual increases for other state officials and employees.
             Representatives Brunner, Halverson, Hargens, Steele, Tidemann, and Weems and Senators Lintz, Gant, and McNenny

         HB 1250      increase the salary for legislators.
             Representatives Lucas, Bradford, Elliott, Gassman, Halverson, Nelson, Rave, Street, Van Etten, Van Norman, and Weems and Senators Koetzle, McCracken, Olson (Ed), and Two Bulls

         HB 1206      increase the salaries of legislators.
             Representatives Brunner, Hackl, Halverson, Putnam, Steele, Tidemann, and Weems and Senators Napoli, Gant, Lintz, and McNenny


         LARRY RHODEN, Chair